extra game terms & phrases

Hey everyone, we thought it would be cool to have a place people could go to check out some of the terminology we use when playing backhand and also new terms and phases used by our fans.  We'll periodically update this page with new phrases and terms that we use during game play and their definitions so everybody can be on the same page.  Phrases and terms that are used in other games will probably not be added to this page unless they are used in the same way.  Although not always possible, we try to avoid redefining existing terminology used in other games.  

For example, when a player's initial player hand is between 17 & 20, the term 'Push' in Backhand means that player can push their initial player hand away in return for a new hand.  But when used in Blackjack, a 'Push' means that the player and the dealer both have the same hand value.  We are trying to minimize this as much as possible.  So every now and then you may hear some players refer to the Backhand use of the term 'Push' as a 'Shove' instead.  

For definitions of standard game terms, please refer to the game instructions.

Also, if you guys have suggestions for new terms just send us an email at backhandrules@gmail.com or use the Contact Us link. And remember to  include in the subject line: "New Game Terms" and maybe your term or phrase could be added to our page.


"Cheese" - A successful backhand

"PTA" - Player total advantage

"DTA" - Dealer total advantage

A "Resolved hand" - are all the cards left in a player's hand after their hand is over.

"House Special" - In Buffalo Bayou Backhand and Missouri City Backhand, when the next card in the deck will cause you to loose your hand regardless of whether you choose to take a hit card or call backhand.

"Loitering" - When a player cannot make a decision.  As there is no 'stay' or 'hold' in any of the games in The Backhand Series, a player must make a play.  There is a strict 'NO LOITERING' policy here.

"Shove" - Another term for our use of the word 'Push' in Backhand, where a player has a push hand (initial hand value between 17 & 20) and elects to push the hand away in exchange for a new hand.

"IPA" - An abbreviation for "Initial player ace."

"Double Ace IPA" - When a player's initial player hand (prior to the Ace Rule being satisfied) contains two aces.

"Peanut butter" - In Buffalo Bayou and Missouri City backhand, when the dealer hand contains just face cards or a combination of face cards and aces.

"PB&J" - (Peanut butter and jelly) When a player wins against a dealer hand  containing just face cards or a combination of face cards and aces.

"Ace Keeper" - When an initial player ace is replaced with another ace.

"Ace Reaper" - In Missouri City Backhand when both seats' initial player hands contain an initial player ace and are both replaced with another ace.

"Even Steven" - When all of the cards in a player's resolved hand have an even numerical value.

"Odd Rod" - When all of the cards in a player's resolved hand have an odd numerical value.

"All faces" - When all the cards in a player's resolved hand contain face cards.

"No faces" - When none of the cards in a player's resolved hand are a face card. 

"Christmas" - When a player successfully hits to a three or four card hand resulting in a total hand value of 21. 

"Play face" - When your initial player hand is a play hand that contains a face card.