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The Backhand Series is the world's most exciting collection of card games based on the classic game of blackjack.  Established on the simple concept of rewarding the player if they can predict if the next card in the deck will bust their hand, The Backhand Series is gaining attention amongst card players as the most innovative and unique blackjack variant in recent memory.   

Comprised of three individual games: "Backhand, the card game," "Buffalo Bayou Backhand" and "Missouri City Backhand" the Backhand Series is quickly revolutionizing the world of card games.  

one reason Why backhand is so special:

The "Backhand Card"

When you think the next card in the deck will bust your hand, just call Backhand! 

00100100010100 "There is no blackjack" 11010110001101

Dealer: Do not try and attain "the blackjack," that's impossible.  Instead only try to realize the truth...

Player:  What truth?

Dealer:  There is no blackjack. 

Player:  There is no blackjack?

Dealer:  Then you’ll see that it is not "the blackjack" that is attained... it is only Backhand!!!

What is The Backhand Series?

The Backhand Series is a collection of three "Vegas casino style" strategy card games, based on the classic game of Blackjack and are each played with a single deck of playing cards with the jokers removed.  

How do you play?

Get a deck of cards, remove the jokers, deal two cards to yourself, then see if you can guess if/when the next card will bust your hand!  Click the game from the above menu of the game you want to play.

Support the movement

We are a small collection of Backhand enthusiasts who all play by one creed:  Play, Like, Share, Repeat!  If you want to  support our cause,  Play as often as you can, like us on Facebook, share this with your friends and family on social media, and repeat! 

Not your nanna's blackjack!

No splitting, doubling, or insurance

No, that's not a typo.  There is no splitting, doubling or insurance options in this invention. 

No dealer hole card

All the cards in The Backhand Series are dealt facing up.

No "blackjack"

Initial player aces are discarded and replaced with the next card/s in the deck, per the Ace Rule and all player aces are valued at "1."

No Loitering

Players must completely resolve their hand.  Also in the first two games, the option to "stand pat" is not available to the player.

No custom cards or additional pieces needed

All you'll need is a standard deck of playing cards with the jokers removed.

Dealer cannot hit, stay or bust!

I told you this wasn't your Nanna's blackjack ;)  So put the kids to bed and close the drapes, cause it's about to get crazy!

Meet the family

"Backhand, the card game"

"Buffalo Bayou Backhand"

"Missouri City Backhand"

Play anytime, anywhere

All three games in The Backhand Series can be played with a standard deck of cards with the jokers removed.  

Get better at blackjack

Speaking for myself, the Backhand Series has completely changed the calculus for my decision making in the classic game of Blackjack. No more fear of hitting, and a lot more confidence in my strategy.

Completely original concept

Tired of all the so-called 'new' versions of the traditional game of Blackjack that seem to only disappoint you?  The Backhand Series will challenge EVERYTHING you know about the classic game!

"a legendary card game in the making"