Why Support us?

Support innovation

The Backhand Series is all about bringing new innovation to the card gaming universe by rethinking old concepts and providing players a new gaming experience.  With just a simple deck of cards, you can spend time connecting with friends playing together or just relaxing on your own.  Help us share this experience with everyone.

Be a part of a movement

Less than a year ago, I was playing hands at my desk alone in a call center in between calls and today I have the privilege of working with people from around the country to launch The Backhand Series to the world.  All it takes is "1 Like" to spark a movement.

Watch The Series grow

When I was in elementary school, our teacher taught us how a plant grows by placing a little bean in a pot of soil.  I remember the days of anticipation as a child wating for the first bean sprout to break the surface!  I feel that way today about the potential of The Backhand Series.  Come join us and watch it break the surface of the gaming world!