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about The Backhand Series

The story of how I stumbled upon the first game in The Backhand Series begins after I brought home four decks of playing cards from a cruise my wife and I took the first week in October 2016. And as previously stated, I was really trying to spend as much time as I could, improving my black jack skills and thought it was a good idea to fill my spare time at work playing hands at my desk during my down time. After a few days I grew tired of constantly dealing out cards to my imaginary opponent and decided to just deal to myself. This was really intended to help me focus on just guessing if my next card would bust me or not and so I wanted to give it a name. I needed something to call out every time I thought the next card in the deck would bust my hand. After several hands, I coined the term ‘Backhand.’ This term as used in this invention is when the player predicts that the next card in the deck will cause their hand to exceed a numerical value of 21, and therefore requests a ‘backhand’ card from the deck. In its purest form, backhand only requires one player and one standard deck of playing cards with the jokers removed. The player deals two cards face up and must choose to take a hit or not.

If the player chooses to take a hit and draws a card to busts his hand, the player loses just as in the game of black jack. But in the game of Backhand, if the player thinks the next card in the deck will cause them to bust, the player can request a backhand card (i.e. “call backhand”). If they’re correct and the next card dealt does cause the player’s hand to bust, the player wins the hand. But if the player calls backhand and the next card doesn’t bust the player’s hand the player will lose. I played this game for several hours and started to play with a few of my coworkers. It was at that point, when I realized this game had so much more potential. I quickly began to create a set of rules that has now developed into the first game in The Backhand Series: ‘Backhand, the card game.’ "