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The Backhand Series is the world's most exciting collection of new Las Vegas casino style playing card games.  The Series is comprised of three individual games: Backhand, Buffalo Bayou Backhand and Missouri City Backhand, and are quickly revolutionizing the world of playing card games.  



Visitors from over 125 countries

From over 512 cities

In just over 7 months!

6 reason Why backhand is so special:

The "Ace Rule"

Initial player aces are discarded and replaced with the next card in the deck!

All faces up

All the cards in The Series are dealt face up!


There is no option for the player to "stay " or hold."  You must play the hand all the way through to the end.

"Play the Push"

With an initial hand value between 17-20, player need only take one hit card to win.

Calling "Backhand"

Think the next card in the deck is gonna bust your hand?  You may be able to call backhand, and if you're right, you win!

The five card hand

Successfully hit to five cards (without busting) to win!

learn to play in 5 mins!

"As a playing card game, The Backhand Series has something that video games don't...the ability to be played without electricity! Lol, I know that sounds silly, but when you are away from home, with no cell service, data or an outlet; you can still count on a deck of playing cards as a FREE source of entertainment. And in my book that's still pretty darn special."  

What is The Backhand Series?

The Backhand Series is a collection of three "Vegas casino style" strategy card games, based on the classic game of Blackjack and are each played with a single deck of playing cards with the jokers removed.  

How do you play?

Just click the name of the game in the navigation bar you'd like to play to find the rules.  Videos and downloadable instructions with images are at the bottom. (I would recommend starting with Backhand, the card game).

Support the movement

We are a small collection of Backhand enthusiasts who all play by one creed:  Play, Like, Share, Repeat!  If you want to  support our cause,  Play as often as you can, like us on Facebook, share this with your friends and family on social media, and repeat! 

Play Anytime, anywhere

All three games in The Backhand Series can be played with a standard deck of cards with the jokers removed.  

Get Better at Blackjack

Speaking for myself, the Backhand Series has completely changed the calculus for my decision making in the classic game of Blackjack. No more fear of hitting, and a lot more confidence in my strategy.

Need a REAL challenge?

Tired of all the so-called 'new' versions of the traditional game of Blackjack that seem to only disappoint you?  The Backhand Series will challenge EVERYTHING you know about the classic game!

"Share and support"

The fact that you are visiting this website makes you a part of a very exclusive group of playing card game enthusiasts.  Share Backhand with your friends and support new card game innovation.

"a legendary card game in the making"